Freelance Book Polishing


I’m experienced and well-read, and an excellent editor–and love helping authors polish their gems.

  • I have a great deal of experience in most fiction genres; I specialize in romance, cozy mysteries, paranormal, European/British historical, fantasy, urban fantasy.
  • I read and enjoy middle-grade stories. I loooove children’s picture books, but there aren’t many words in them to edit. 😉  I do YA fantasy and adventure, but not so much YA angst or real-life unpleasantness. Being a real teenager is painful, and painful to read about.
  • I edit most types of non-fiction. I do not do politics, religion, war or true crime.
  • I do not do horror, terror, excessive gore or torture.

My goal is to be an advisor and partner to the author and help turn the manuscript into a polished gem. My editing philosophy is  (1) Represent the reader,  (2) The editor is not the writer [explain why something doesn’t work and offer suggestions, but don’t rewrite the author’s prose], and  (3) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it [respect the author’s style].

I do everything from developmental editing, normal content editing or evaluation consulting to copy editing, proofreading or formatting. Also research and fact checking for both non-fiction and fiction, creation of series bibles, and other tasks to support authors in their writing. For editing, I generally charge on a per-word rate, but can do a project cost depending on the type of work. So rates range from 0.003 per word (very simple proofreading) to 0.015 per word for hefty in-depth developmental editing. Average full editing comprising two cycles is 0.012 per word. I may ask to see a sample of the manuscript and discuss what exactly the client wants before committing to a rate and a schedule. Terms are negotiable, but normally for new clients, one-third of estimated cost due at start of project, one-third when first edit is delivered, balance at completion. I accept Paypal.)

Some books I have edited:


One thought on “Freelance Book Polishing

  1. Dear Ms. Gorlinsky,
    Terry O’Dell gave me your name. I have a fairly short manuscript (58,000 words) I would like to have proofread. It is a collection of short stories from my 36 years in law enforcement. Most are comical. I am attending a reunion f some of the old guys in February and would like to self-publish this memoir between now and then. Many of my colleagues are dying off rapidly. Please let me know if you are available or interested in this project.

    Thank You,
    Mark Hussey


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