Chivalry Crafts

COMING SOON – Once I find the time to figure out how to set up an Etsy account, then take photos, write descriptions, post items…

I will be selling handmade crocheted items (afghans, shawls, lap rugs, scarves, dishclothes), a quilt or two, maybe a little jewelry, dog/pet items (beds, bandanas).

My specialty in crocheting is my Pink Hope line. Hope Shawls and Hope Hats (aka chemo caps), headbands, scarves. I do these in various shades of pink, different stitch patterns; the shawls are very long and a bit skinny, so when you drape them around the shoulders and cross in front, the shawl forms the well-known pink ribbon symbol. Great for yourself or as a gift to someone fighting breast cancer — wrap your breasts in warmth and hope. The hats are caps and beanies in pinks with decorations.

For questions, I can be reached on this topic at


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