I’m clearing out old files on my laptop, and came across this list from several years ago. The editors I worked with had listed the funniest “that’s not what the author intended” typos they’d seen in books they were editing. Enjoy!

The heroine was a “wonton hussy”. (Ah, yes—a lover of Asian food.)

The hero reaches down to “adjust the bugle in his jeans”. (I’m just imagining his pants busting out with Reveille!)

He shitted in the saddle as he stared down at her. (Eww, I hope there’s some good saddle soap handy.)

We’d run pilot training flights over the dessert. (Mmm….pie…)

She put on her fury robe. (Now you know she’s mad!)

You’ve done an admiral job protecting her reputation. (Naval protection?)

The dress was “complimented” by a bright ribbon. (Picturing the ribbon saying “Hey, nice dress.”)

Going without underwear is NOT “going cammo”. (Green and black face paint?)

The pond was teaming with fish. (Imagining fishy sports.)

The earl stepped into the antichamber. (Regency England meets Star Trek?)

The characters have lunch at the “Diary Queen”.

Rivets of sweat ran down his torso. (Metal items rolling down his chest.)

His thumb pressed gently against her juggler vein. (And was there a clown present too?)

There was someone out there willing to act out even the most bazaar of fantasies.

For the first time since her bazaar journey started, she thought she might be able to adjust. (Visiting markets around the world, is she?)

She shuddered as her organism washed over her. (Don’t wanna know what little critters are involved here.)

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