National Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, for the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Do you know these ground-breaking women in history? No fair looking at the answers until you’ve tried all 15 clues!

1. First woman to fly the Atlantic as a passenger, 1928.

2. Won gold  medals in javelin and hurdles in the 1932 Olympics, later played basketball, baseball golf, winning three U.S. Women’s Open tournaments.

3. First woman to swim the English Channel, 1926.

4. Won seven U.S. Opens and eight Wimbledons, starting in 1923 at age 18.

5. First female state governor who was not the wife of a prior incumbent, 1974. (Her husband was a school principal.)

6. First woman on the Supreme Court, 1981.

7. First black woman Senator.

8. First female vice-president candidate for a major party.

9. First female cabinet member: Secretary of Labor, 1933.

10. First U.S. congresswoman, 1916.

11. First black U.S. congresswoman, 1968.

12. Opened first U.S. birth control clinic (in Brooklyn).

13. Quit her teaching job because a woman’s pay for the job was 20% of a man’s. Became first U.S.-born woman on an American coin.

14. Fled slavery in 1849, then helped other slaves escape; spied for the Union in the Civil War.

15. Survived polio and an impoverished childhood to become the first American woman to win three gold medals at one Olympic Games, 1960.


1. Amelia Earhart

2. Babe Didrickson

3. Gertrude Ederle

4. Helen Wills

5. Ella Grasso

6. Sandra Day O’Connor

7. Carol Moseley Braun

8. Geraldine Ferraro

9. Frances Perkins

10. Jeannette Rankin

11. Shirley Chisholm

12. Margaret Sanger

13. Susan B. Anthony

14. Harriet Tubman

15. Wilma Rudolph



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