Bonus Content


Website Bonus Content Brings in the Readers!

This is something I bring up with authors a lot. You MUST have a website or blog, and you must keep it active, post new material. So what can you be putting out that will bring fans back to your site frequently? This article by Liz Edelstein at The Verbs suggests your bonus content can be:

  • Deleted scenes
  • Behind-the-scenes scoop
  • Series FAQ, relationship trees, and/or character interviews
  • Short stories or bridge stories
  • Teaser preview material

Oh, and not mentioned in the article, but don’t forget to have an e-newsletter to let your fans know about the new material on your site. Studies have shown over and over that the best way to reach people is by direct email.

Turn Your Website Up To 11 (with Bonus Content)

Turn Your Website Up to 11 (With Bonus Content)


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