I Don’t Sell!

So, I’ve been laid off, the company is closing for financial reasons. I’m actively job hunting, using Monster.com, Indeed.com and OhioMeansJobs.com. Which means I’ve posted my resume (several versions) on those sites, for potential employers to find.

I’ve been inundated with emails, phone calls and text messages — by people who want me to sell insurance or financial plans. They all sound very scammy. I’m sure some are from non-US call centers–the callers have¬†heavily accented English and I’ve gotten multiple calls that sound like they are from the same person and place but offering different “opportunities”. Oh, and the keyword is “human resources” — they all start by saying the job they want to discuss with me is in human resources.

Can I mention that absolutely nothing on my resume reflects any sales or marketing experience or skill? And I hate sales jobs, I think it is terrible to call people and try to entice them to buy insurance or any financial or investment plan. When people want such, they will contact companies. For the company to cold-call people is just an effort to sell them things they don’t need, to steal their money.

In discussing this with others, I hear the same story about their job searches. Apparently these companies just comb newly posted resumes on the job sites for anyone who looks like they’ve got any office or professional experience. Ugh, ick.

I need a job that earns me money. A commission-based income at a job for which I have no skill isn’t going to earn me anything because I won’t be able to sell anything.

So now I immediately reply, “I am interested only in full-time jobs with salary and benefits, nothing commission-based or in sales.” That gets the person to go away real quick.

Now if only I’d hear back from one of the REAL jobs I applied for…


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