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No, it doesn’t mean a mausoleum for pretty plants. It means one or both testicles have failed to descend into the scrotum. I don’t know how often this happens with men, but it is not uncommon in dogs. It’s the bane of breeders–that gorgeous puppy who looks like he might develop into a winning show dog, and then never gets both testicles down. In the show ring, dogs are required to have two descended testicles. If you are at a dog show, you’ll see the judge quickly and discreetly groping the dog “under there”–she or he is confirming that.

So…nothing is ever easy with Seren. He’s ten months old now, went to the vet this week to be neutered. And I’d no sooner gotten home from dropping him off when the vet called to say there was only one testicle. When he was little, we were all so focused on the heart surgery and the follow-ups from that, that apparently no one thought to check to see if he had two balls. I knew his scrotum was “occupied”, but I didn’t grab hard enough to feel one or two. The vet was very apologetic, they do normally check that in puppies.

Well, apparently it is not wise to leave the undescended  testicle sitting in the abdominal cavity. Not only can it continue to put out hormones, negating the whole purpose of the neutering, but there is also a very high risk of testicular cancer in this circumstance. So he didn’t get neutered this week, that vet said she wasn’t comfortable doing what will basically be abdominal surgery. Another vet in the practice specializes in this, so Seren goes back in a few days to have the procedure done.

Boy, is he going to be pissed. No breakfast before surgery!


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