Book Review: Moment of Truth


Moment of Truth by Christiane Heggan,

This originally came out about fourteen or fifteen years ago, but then was reissued by Harlequin and is available as an ebook.

Kate Logan’s life is far from perfect at the moment. She’s got job problems, money problems, and single-parent headaches. She left the Washington D.C. law firm where she was employed and set up her own criminal law practice, but business is slow and income low, especially since she takes on so many pro bono cases for women with divorce and custody problems. Kate’s thirteen-year-old daughter Alison is giving her grief about everything. And her ex-husband has just gotten married to a rich young woman who persists in spoiling Alison with too much money and too much freedom. Now the daughter whom Kate loves and sacrifices for is talking about wanting to go live with her dad and stepmom, because life is so much more fun with them. The only really upbeat thing in Kate’s life right now is her boyfriend, DC cop Mitch Calhoon. But that relationship is seriously endangered by the new case Kate has taken on.

Todd Buchanan was a well-known television sportscaster and is the son of a Supreme Court Justice. Two years ago, Todd’s wife was murdered in a motel room where she had probably been planning to meet one of her casual lovers. All the evidence pointed to Todd as the murderer, and the perception of guilt was increased when he fled and went into hiding to avoid arrest. Now he wants Kate to take on the case and help him prove his innocence—and he’s offering her a million dollars to do it. The main problem for Kate is that the murdered woman was Mitch’s sister, and Mitch is convinced of Todd’s guilt. And it is more than just a “problem” that someone is willing to kill Kate to keep her from investigating this crime.

Kate’s stressful life was a little too depressing for me—I empathized too much with the single parent problems, and her teenage daughter was really obnoxious and the ex-husband an annoying wimp. But Mitch is great, really makes an effort to be supportive of Kate and help her, even if he originally thinks Todd is guilty. If you like political suspense, you will enjoy this book set amid the trappings of influence and power in Washington—where sexual shenanigans are second only to political wheeling and dealing amongst the movers and shakers.



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