Largest Publishers 2015

world map

As determined by Publishers Weekly, based on 2015 revenue levels:

  1. Pearson (UK), $6.6 billion
  2. ThomsonReuters (Canada), $5.8 billion
  3. RELX Group (UK, The Netherlands, USA), $5.2 billion
  4. Wolters Kluwer (The Netherlands), $4.6 billion
  5. Penguin Random House (Germany), $4.1 billion
  6. China South Publishing and Media Group (China), $2.8 billion
  7. Phoenix Publishing and Media Company (China), $2.75 billion
  8. Hachette Livre (France), $2.4 billion
  9. Grupo Planeta (Spain), $1.8 billion
  10. Wiley (USA), $1.7 billion
  11. Scholastic (USA), $1.63 billion
  12. HarperCollins (USA), $1.6 billion
  13. Cengage Learning (US, Canada), $1.6 billion
  14. Springer Nature (Germany, Sweden, Singapore), $1.6 billion
  15. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US, Cayman Islands), $1.4 billion
  16. China Publishing Group (China), $1.4 billion
  17. Zhejiang Publishing United Group (China), $1.4 billion
  18. Holtzbrinck (Germany), $1.2 billion
  19. China Education Publishing and Media (China), $1.2 billion

PRH is the only purely trade publisher among the top ten. The others include other sectors, such as scholastic publishing.

China has become the new boom in publishing. Two companies in the top ten, five in the top twenty.

You can see the full list of the top 52 at



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