Seren Update

Seren (Sandfox Starlight Serenade) is six months old today!

Remember that tiny puppy (6-1/2 pounds) in need of heart surgery that we got almost four months ago?

2016-01-31 12.30.39.jpg     2016-01-31 17.22.12

He’s now 22 pounds, six months old, incredibly active, a star of puppy obedience class (if only he’d be obedient at home!). And totally independent and strong-willed and fearless. Loud noises, things falling, strange people, big dogs…nope, none of it fazes him. He is into everything, chewing on everything (my poor houseplants!), the only Corgi I’ve had who is a major barker (we’re trying to break him of that). And we absolutely adore him. Fancy and Faolan are not so sure…

IMG_0554   IMG_0553

Jonathon, Faolan (front), Seren, Fancy (back).


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