Why We Buy Books


Jellybooks (www.jellybooks.com) has been collecting and analyzing a lot of data about readers and reading. One of the most fascinating articles from them is “8 Reasons Why People Buy Books”. They look at purchase versus reading versus recommendation. Why do we decide to buy a particular book? And we all know we buy books that we end up never reading. If we start to read it, do we finish it? Do we recommend the book to others?

So what, according to Jellybooks, motivates people to buy specific books?

1. Entertain Me Now
2. Entertain Me in the Future
3. Inform Me
4. Obligation to Read
5. Social Pressure to Read
6. Makes Me Look Smart
7. Need for a Gift
8. Impulse

I found the explanations very interesting and informative. I recommend you read the whole article.



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