Seren Heart-Whole


Seren’s heart surgery went fine, he is now back home! The Veterinary Medical Center at Ohio State University did the procedure to thread a coil through the major vein in the thigh and up into the heart, and inserted a plug in the hole in his aorta. He should now have a normal and healthy life, no more heart failure.

Of course, recovery is being a bit stressful. Seren is one unhappy camper. The stitches in his inner thigh are really bothering him, he hates the donut collar. He throws temper tantrums, thrashing around and screaming and biting at anything within range. It snowed again, and he normally loves snow. But now with his belly and inner thighs shaved, and the stitches, it’s clear that going in the snow is painful. The vet surgeon said they tried covering the stitches with a bandage to keep them clean, since he’s so low to the ground, but he became so hysterical and out of control and would not calm down, that they had to take the bandage off. So he’s on antibiotics just in case.

We’re supposed to keep him on reduced activity for a month — walks okay, but not running or romping — until the tissue starts to grow around the plug to hold it in place. Hah, that’s proving close to impossible

Jonathon and I are both exhausted dealing with him. The good news is, since Seren’s now off the diuretic he made it through the whole night in his crate, didn’t need to be taken outside at 3am.

Poor baby, I know he is uncomfortable and unhappy and there’s little we can do about it. But the stitches should soften up (and get removed in ten to fourteen days) and he’ll heal.



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