Author Website Basics

author-website-trendsI’m amazed at the number of author websites that lack a complete list of the author’s books! How can you not have that? Readers come to your site to find out about you and your books — especially your backlist and your next planned release. And sites that don’t have a Contact page — don’t you want to hear from readers?

This excellent article lists the nine basic “must haves” for an author website. (Don’t know why they label them “trends”, because they are not new.) Go to the article to see explanations and examples. Then revamp your author site to be sure you’ve got all this. And keep updating your website frequently!

9 Author Website Trends You Need to Know About

  1. A list of published books.
  2. The author’s newest or upcoming release.
  3. A way to subscribe to updates.
  4. A way to contact the author.
  5. Links to social media profiles.
  6. A list of upcoming events.
  7. A blog to showcase your personality.
  8. Simple navigation.
  9. A clean, modern design.

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