Deep Snow, Short Puppy

2016-02-16 12.33.37

Ah yes, the joys of housebreaking a puppy during the winter. Going outside in frigid temperatures at all hours of the day and night. But Seren is loving the snow, he digs in it, rolls in it, buries his nose down.

Until Tuesday, we had only a couple inches of snow on the ground. But then we got about six more inches. Umm, eight inches is over Seren’s back. At home, the adult dogs have tromped paths through the snow, and Seren just follows them. But he spends all day at work with me, and the snow is even deeper at the office than at home. But the coworker who handles building maintenance and such came to the rescue! He’s seen me taking Seren outside several times during the day, to the grassy area out back. When he came in early Tuesday morning to plow the driveway and parking lot, he  thought about Seren and plowed the grass area too! So now Seren has his own private “shallow snow” play and potty area surrounded by walls of deeper snow.

Cute anecdote: I was busy with something last night, Seren needed to go out. It was dark and cold and snowing. I asked my adult son to take him outside. Jonathon grumbled only a tiny bit as he pulled on boots, coat, hat, gloves. After several minutes, I realized I hadn’t heard the two of them come back in — I’d expected them to be outside the minimum time needed to “get busy” and then rush back into the warm house. I looked out the window — and there was this grown man ROMPING in the snow with the puppy, tossing snowballs for him to chase, and the two of them clearly having a wonderful time. Who can resist a playful puppy?  (I’ll remind Jonathon this summer that walking a dog is supposed to be a great way to meet women.)


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