Rejecting Subs

Top 10 Reasons to Reject an E-Rom by GirlyEngine!Top-10-Reasons-to-Reject-an-ERom/c1q8z/56b29e0f0cf2dc1600e1de61

She’s an experienced professional editor (one of four editors on this website), and lists the many reasons (with excellent explanations) that story submissions are rejected, just not good enough to publish or be “fixable” by an editor. All publishers and editors find the same things. I run into these problems in submissions over and over. So many authors seem to submit sloppy rough drafts — they mistakenly think an editor will do all their work for them of making this a decent story. Or perhaps they are not capable of coldly analyzing their own work and seeing the problems.

  1. Telling, not showing.
  2. Presupposing the reader’s interest.
  3. Characters are flat and unappealing
  4. Contrived plot.
  5. Rape of the heroine.
  6. Plot problems.
  7. Heat level is lacking.
  8. World-building is lacking.
  9. Dominant hero is an abusive asshole.
  10. Heroine has no agency or is simply poorly drawn.
  11. Bonus rejection reason: Mechanical errors.

Read the full article for all the details.

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