This is Seren (Sandfox Starlight Serenade), six-and-a-half pounds, nine-week-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A fluffy — long-haired, a genetic quirk in some Corgis. Our new darling. Feisty, fearless, affectionate, loves to chew on fingers and shoes.

Well, hopefully ours. But he has PDA (hole in heart), is going for heart surgery in a month. He’s on some medications until then. I’m an optimist, I point out that survival rate for PDA surgery in dogs is 80%; my son the worrier points out that means one in five dogs die. Seren will survive and flourish, I know it. And if not, he will have had a month of total love and attention and care from us.

I picked him up from the breeder this weekend (600 mile round trip). Driving home through an area affected by last week’s major winter storm — he had his first experience of snow! He really enjoyed it — although Not Pleased about the whole collar-and-leash concept.

Seren2          Seren5



2 thoughts on “Awe-dorable

  1. Oh, he is gorgeous. I just want to pet him. All that fur! Hoping for the best positive outcome of the surgery and a long life after.


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