Book Review: Diamond in the Ruff

diamondintheruff cover

Diamond in the Ruff by Emily Carmichael

2001; available now in paperback and ebook

This is the sequel to Finding Mr. Right (, in which we met Lydia, a gorgeous woman who had been reincarnated as a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Miss Piggy. She was sent back to Earth to help her old friend Amy find true love. Lydia/Piggy now turns her matchmaking eyes on another couple. In this book, as in the first, part of each chapter is related in the first person by Miss Piggy. Reading her combination of woman’s sexy wiles and canine instincts is hysterical, as is watching her worry whenever her human mind is swamped beneath doggie delights.

Miss Piggy’s owner Amy is on vacation, so Amy’s friend Joey is caring for her two Corgis. Joey is not a romantic person; as a wedding planner, she sees everything possible that can go wrong with people’s love lives. Joey’s newest job is planning her friend Alicia’s wedding to Ben, the smart-mouthed cop who recently gave Joey a speeding ticket! The action gets hectic when Alicia decides to hold the wedding at a friend’s ski resort during snowstorm season. Joey has to organize wedding participants, guests, family, employees, food — even the dogs have to go along. And Ben’s nine-year-old daughter Tess is really annoying the adults with her insistence that Miss Piggy is not really a dog and that Miss Piggy and the angel of Tess’s mother say that the wedding will never occur.

Miss Piggy, in her role of Cupid in Corgi costume, has her own ideas about this wedding. She knows Alicia and Ben are not right for each other, but maybe Joey and Ben are. Alicia can’t be left languishing alone — the old friend who owns the ski resort does seem extremely attentive to the bride. Things are further complicated by the possibility that someone is trying to kill Alicia,and police officer Ben must protect her while trying to ignore his growing feelings for Joey. Can Miss Piggy outwit the bad guy and succeed as a matchmaker? Well yes, of course she can, if only people would stop treating her like a DOG!




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