Puppy, puppy, puppy!

We will be adding a third Pembroke Welsh Corgi to our family in a month! A red and white fluffy boy, as yet unnamed, from Vicki Sandage of Sandfox. This is a week ago, at three weeks of age:

Puff 3wks

Yes, the ears will get bigger. Much bigger! Corgis are born with tiny, tiny triangles for ears, which then grow until they look too big for the body, which has to catch up. And the coat will get lighter, be red rather than the dark brown they are born.

And (shh) I’m hoping for a Cardigan puppy next summer. I will be so thrilled to have a full house of dogs again, getting active with training young ones. Obedience, rally, CGC, tracking. But first and foremost, loved companions.


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