Are You Reading-Obsessed?

24 Things People Slightly Obsessed With Reading Know To Be True

BuzzFeed Books

Yup, I fit a bunch of these, especially:

4. You are never, ever without a book.

9. The thought of moving scares you because you’re going to have to haul about 127 boxes of books.

13. Nothing and no one can keep you away from a book you’ve become invested in.

14. You’ve caught yourself sneaking time to read while you’re supposed to be working or studying.

15. And you’ve started a book only to look up and discover that an entire day has gone by.

18. You’ve dreamed of living in a mansion just so you could have one of those giant, crazy, rich-people libraries all to yourself.

19. For you, going on a trip means a chance to visit a new bookstore.

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