Authors, Use Email!

Study after study continues to show that the most effective (as in, induce readers to actually buy) way to market books online is via email direct to readers. Too many authors are missing the boat by giving up email and focusing merely on social media. You need to do both.

Not just an email announcement of a new release (“Buy now!”), but regular email contact such as an e-newsletter. Monthly or no less than bimonthly. Fill it with chatty news about you as an author, your WIP, new releases, contests and free stuff, and lots of links to your website.

So collect every reader email you can and build an email distribution list. (Of course, be sure at the bottom of the email/e-newsletter you give people a way to opt out.) Then get something out frequently to all those potential book buyers!

Here are two new articles about the value of email in book marketing.

6 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

Two HarperCollins execs debunk myths about email marketing for books.

Top three MYTHS:

  1. Email is on the decline.
  2. Email doesn’t sell books.
  3. Social media eliminated the need for email marketing.


The Persistence of Email Marketing for Book Publishers

“a simple, demonstrable fact: Email marketing is (or can be, properly pursued) the cheapest, most effective, measurable way to sell just about anything, including (and perhaps especially) books.”

“The shift from dedicated readers to tablets, apps, and phones means email messages reach users on the devices where they buy and read ebooks. This is advertising that’s native, not to the seller’s ecosystem, but to the user’s, reaching them where they can transact and read in just a few clicks.”


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