Book Review: Destiny’s Magick


Destiny’s Magick by Rae Morgan

Coven of the Wolf series, Book 1

Originally published 2003?; reissued 2013

Mandrake Morgan is CEO of Morgan Ltd, an international corporation with diverse business and real estate holdings—and the front for the Coven of the Wolf, the largest witches coven in the midwestern U.S. Someone has been sowing discord and perpetrating sabotage within the company ranks, and Drake has to discover who and why before he is deposed as leader of the coven. While meeting with the corporation’s lawyer to discuss how confidential information is leaking out, Drake senses the presence of his “complement”, his perfect mate. It’s very rare for a coven leader to find his complement, but if he does, the consummation of the relationship makes him unbeatably powerful. But who is this unknown witch that Drake senses, and why doesn’t she respond as expected to his mental touches?

Rhea Brown has been hearing voices in her head ever since she moved to Chicago to live in her late grandmother’s house. They got stronger after she discovered her grandmother’s secret room with the crystals and amulets and old books. She hasn’t had much time to think about it, because she’s too concerned with her discovery of the unethical and illegal behaviour of one of her fellow attorneys regarding the firm’s biggest client, Morgan Ltd. But now the visions and voices are getting more frequent—and more erotic! Sexual images of herself with a man she does not recognize, a voice claiming her as his, a dream lover who brings her to orgasm on the astral plan when she’s never met him in the real world. Rhea starts to think it is time to consult a psychiatrist.

Warrick Bettencourt plans to become the new leader of the Coven of the Wolf. He is not held back by any of those wimpy “do no harm” credos of the other witches; he will use whatever means necessary to achieve his goal. And once he finds out that Drake could achieve ultimate power by joining with his perfect mate, Warrick will do anything to prevent that.

Witches, werewolves, spirits, magic and mayhem—this story has them all, and lots of good humor, too. Rhea is a strong-minded modern woman, capable of accepting and dealing with her inherited witch powers once they’ve been proved to her. But she’s not about to accept some man just because he claims she’s his destined wife. And Drake discovers that consummating the relationship involves a lot more than physical joining. The story is fast-paced, the characters are fun, the action keeps rolling, and Rhea and Drake have a great time in bed working on their relationship! I enjoyed it and wished it had been longer.





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