Death by Reading — For Real

One of the deeply troubling issues related to making books — knowledge — freely available throughout the world. We, a liberal and progressive society, think we are doing good and helping people, without always recognizing the consequences.

Metadata That Kills by Peter Brantley

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Recently I was advising a friend who works at a not-for-profit that distributes ebooks to underserved populations around the world. “Is there a way,” she asked, “to limit or select what portions of an ebook catalog are displayed to readers in one country versus another?” Was this an issue of rights, I wondered? “No,” she said. “In some countries, particularly for women, being caught reading the wrong book can have mortal consequences.”

Not a short article, but well worth reading.

  • Go to the profile of Peter Brantley     Peter Brantley Director Online Strategy, Library, University of California Davis. Interested in the forging of a network-aware global society.

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