Corgi Cuteness: Corgi Walk

Every fall the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve has a potluck and walk at a local park. Lots of Corgis, all ages and colors, pets and show champions. Fancy’s sire was there, they did not get along.

Hmm, the walk was marked as only 1.8 miles — should have been no problem, since Faolan and Fancy and I often take long walks. Of course, we didn’t know that 1.5 miles of it was uphill (then a sharp drop back down) and all on rough forest paths. We made it — Faolan was still marching along, he can go forever, but Fancy and I were definitely dragging. We couldn’t wimp out when the three puppies in front of us — only 4, 5 and 6 months old — had boundless energy. Back to the picnic pavilion for water for the dogs, iced tea and food for me. And adorable treat bags!

I’m a terrible photographer so I, um, “borrowed” these pictures from Karen Werfield, club president.

2corgis          corgibags


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