Picking a Self-Pubbing Service

Booklife (by Publishers Weekly) article — Which E-Book Publisher is Right for You?


From the article: “While many authors report excellent experiences with the various companies listed here, it’s always important to read the fine print to determine which service is right for your book—and your budget. Are you willing to pay upwards of $1000 for add-on options that promise publicity or editorial support? Or are you looking for a cheap and quick way to get your book to the masses?”

The article lists and summarizes all the major companies that provide self-pubbing services: Kobo Writing Life, Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Blurb, BookBaby, iBooks Author, Lulu, NOOK Press, Vook, eBookIt, Scribd, Author Solutions (and subsidiaries iUniverse, Booktango, Trafford). Hmm, by the time you read this post, that list may no longer be completely accurate. We’ve been seeing recent mergers.

So if you are considering self-pubbing, or perhaps are already doing it but want to reconsider your methods, definitely read this article to see what’s available.


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