Social Media Savvy

fa5d26fcf4b9973b0cb40d736b838394-w400@1x[1] Photo: Deviant Art

BookLife (by Publishers Weekly) article — Social Sophistication: Not all social media platforms are alike.

From the article:

<“If you build it, they will come.”  Such is the dream behind social media marketing. But it’s also a dream distant from reality. While self-published authors hoping to successfully market themselves and their books are well-advised to establish a presence on the major social media platforms, in addition to creating personal websites and Amazon author pages, social media needs to be approached strategically.>

The article summarizes the main platforms and advises authors on how to make best use of each, recognizing that they all have different “personalities”.





It ends with very important advice: “If there’s one characteristic that unites all social networks, it’s time. To effectively participate in just one community requires consideration and effort. And time you’re using to participate in social media is time you’re not using to write.” I know more than one author who’s become addicted to social media to the point of not getting new books written.

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