Screaming Grammar Nerds

From Buzzfeed, 17 Faces Every Grammar Nerd Will Recognize

Those looks of exasperation, disgust or despair that we word lovers give when we are faced with these awful but all-too-common errors. Check out the videos, see which ones you know you’ve done. There are a few from Sheldon of Big Bang Theory (“I weep for humanity.”)

These are ALL on my grammar pet peeves list.

  1. When someone thinks adding an apostrophe makes a word plural.
  2. When someone somehow still doesn’t understand the difference between your and you’re.
  3. Or the differences between there, they’re, and their.
  5. When someone says “irregardless.”
  6. When you find out someone you like has horrible grammar.
  7. When you get into an argument over the Oxford comma.
  8. When people say “literally” but actually mean “figuratively.”
  9. When someone uses “it’s” as a possessive pronoun.
  10. When you hear “I could care less.”
  11. When someone uses “less” and “fewer” interchangeably.
  12. Or “then” and “than.”
  13. When someone doesn’t understand how to use semicolons correctly but keeps throwing them around anyway.
  14. When you see “alot.”
  15. Or “could of,” “should of,” and “would of.”
  16. When someone asks you why you care so much about grammar: Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don’t you find?
  17. Which is why when you find out that YOU made a typo you’re like: (screaming)

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