Book Lovers


Somebody snuck into my house and took photos?

29 Pictures Only Book Lovers Will Understand

Really applicable for me:

1. When you’re in the middle of reading way too many books

2. So your bedside table ends up covered in books

3. And so does practically every other surface.

6. When you visit a fellow reader’s house and suffer serious bookcase envy.

13. When you have no space for new books.

14. But you keep buying new ones anyway.

15. When you decide to rearrange your books and realize just how much your book hoarding has gotten out of hand.

16. And you can’t settle on a way to organize your books.

18. When you can’t decide which book to read next.

19. Or when someone asks you the impossible: To pick just one favorite book.

25. When you pass a used bookstore and end up spending money on even more books.


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