Book Review: Black Widow

Black Widow by Laurie Breton


Contemporary romantic suspense. The prologue covers the murder of Michael McAllister and the arrest of his wife Kathryn. Four years later, Kathryn is being freed from prison due to the presentation of new evidence (an elderly lady who saw Kat out jogging at the moment someone was killing Michael). Instead of scooting home to her native Boston, she returns to the small Southern town Michael was from, where they lived during their marriage. Of course, everyone in town is still convinced she is the murderer, freed on “a technicality”. Kat, however, is determined to find who really killed her husband. She appeals to Nick, the new police chief (another transplanted Northerner) for help, but he just wants her to leave town before she stirs up any trouble. Of course, the trouble she stirs up is with him—they are quickly and hotly attracted to each other, which scandalizes the whole town. Then the threats and vandalism and attempted assaults start. Between Kat and Nick, they dig up a lot of old secrets and scandals about some leading town citizens, including Michael’s parents.

Kat is feisty, mouthy, and cynical—four years in prison can do that to you. She is also intelligent, brave, and determined to see that her husband’s killer is brought to justice. Nick is a very good match for her. Neither of them is perfect or an easy person, but I really liked them. There are lots of secondary characters, in typical small-town style. Several times I lost track of a name and had to page back to figure out who someone was. The mystery was well handled; I didn’t guess the villain(s) until almost the end. The love scenes are hot and well-done. I’d highly recommend this book if you like suspense.

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