Test Your Regency Knowledge – And Educate Girls

Are you a reader of Regency romances or Regency-set historical fiction? My answer is a big YES. (If your response is “What’s Regency?”, then we’ll take that as a “No”.)

A group of Regency romance authors have banded together as the Bluestocking Belles, http://www.bluestockingbelles.com. They’ve created a fun booklet with not only excerpts of their stories, but entertaining games and puzzles based on factual Regency history. Period fashions and lovers and words. Crossword puzzles and mazes. You can download The Bluestocking Belles’ Guide to a Good Time for free at http://www.bluestockingbelles.com/projects/game-book .

OR you can buy a print copy for $4.99, with all proceeds going to the Malala Fund (http://www.malala.org/malala-fund/). “The Malala Fund empowers girls through quality secondary education to achieve their potential and inspire positive change in their communities.” The statistics they cite: 62 million girls around the world are not attending school; girls have faced violence in 70 countries for trying to go to school; the poorest girls get an average of only three years of education.


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