Hot new cover trends

Although covers have no influence on my book buying (I ignore the cover when deciding on a book), I love to look at them as works of art. And we all know that there are definite and pronounced trends in cover art — everyone copies the latest hit. In romance, how many pieces of men’s clothing or accessories have we seen since Fifty Shades of Grey? And do you remember the cartoon romance covers years ago? But trend-following happens in all genres.

The post Round Things, Metal Things, Faces Framed by Leaves, and Other Book Cover Tendencies by Elizabeth Bluemle displays lots of interesting covers and mentions the book that started each trend. The trends she’s seeing? Legs and feet are out, hands are in. Faces surrounded by leaves, circles as the center image, bursts of light, metal letters, medallions and symbols… Then at the end she’s got a bunch of admirable non-trend covers. Go read all about it and stare at the images.



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