Worst Things That Can Happen to a Book Lover


See article for full list. How many of these have happened to you? Were you ready to destroy someone–or yourself–when it happened?

1. Lending a book to a friend and getting it back ruined.

2. … not getting it back at all.

3. Getting on a train and realizing you left your book at home. [Well, going anywhere and realizing you don’t have a book with you.]

4. Losing your book, especially if you’re close to finishing it.

8. Your favorite character dying.

14. Realizing your fave is finally falling to pieces because you’re read it about 30 times.

16. Being asked what your favorite book is, as if there’s just one. [Geez, I hate this question. Favorite of the moment? What mood am I in? In what genre? Can I name about a hundred?]

21. Rereading a book you used to love and realizing it’s…not as good as you remembered.

24. Moving.  [Ack, 72 book boxes–from just one room.]

25. Coming to the end of a book you really, really loved.  [So just start rereading it right away.]

26. Generally just being forced to do anything that isn’t reading.


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