Parting With Books

I have no more space for books in my home — literally out of wall space for shelves. Or places to pile books. Or any more dry spots in the basement to put boxes of books. So I periodically force myself to purge my shelves, donate many bags of books to the library book sale. Even ebooks haven’t weaned me from some desire for the physical object, especially from my favorite authors. When civilization collapses and there is no more electricity or internet or “cloud storage”, I’ll still have my books to hold and read!

Anyway, parting with books is very traumatic. It’s just like the stages of loss and grief. You start at denial and work through to acceptance. I often get stuck at stage 5, regret — and start taking the books back out of the donation bags, just to be sure I can part with each. Will I want to reread it, will someone want to borrow it, will I need to refer to it for some reason? But one must do it, in order to have space to buy MORE books!

See this article to help you through: The Seven Emotional Stages of Spring Cleaning Your Bookshelf

Here’s what my bookshelves can look like through this process.








2 thoughts on “Parting With Books

  1. I know your pain, Raelene! I hate to part with them too, but since buying a larger house isn’t feasible, it has to be done. Good luck to both of us!


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