World’s Best indie Bookshops

The 10 Best Independent Bookshops in the World

See the full article for descriptions and photos.

1. Powell’s City of Books, Portland, OR, USA – I lived in the area for six years, this is truly an incredible place. They now have several large stores in the city and suburbs. It is easy to spend a full day in the main store. (Helped by the on-site coffee shop and nearby restaurants — just pop out for some food to build your energy and then come back to keep browsing the multiple floors.)

2. Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

3. El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

4. City Lights Books, San Francisco, California, USA

5. Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

6. Strand, New York City, NY, USA – I’ve been to this once, plan to get back on my next trip to New York. Not nearly as large and wonderful and Powell’s, but better than anywhere else.

7. Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – A place I want to visit, having read the description: “Wild Rumpus is filled with books … and animals. Tilly and Pip are two little rats who live under the floorboards in a glass cage, so you can watch them running around. There are also two chinchillas, Amelia and Mr Skeeter; two ferrets, Doodle and Ferdinand; three cats, two doves, three cockatiels, two chickens, a lizard called Spike and a tarantula who goes by the name of Thomas Jefferson.” Well, okay, the tarantula is a turn-off, but hopefully it is kept caged and I can just avoid it.

8. Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, Bath, UK

9. Word on the Water, somewhere on the London canals – Yep, a floating bookstore on a barge. And there are others like it in England, such as the Book Barge in Lichfield.

10. Bookshops on four wheels – In a similar vein to Little Free Libraries, these mini-bookshops bring reading everywhere. Vans, pickup trucks, buses…


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