Corgi Cuteness: Corgi Fair 2015

Corgi Fair, northeast Ohio, June 7, 2015

A lovely summer Sunday afternoon, an historic country home, a huge green lawn—and an army of Welsh Corgis. Show dogs, performance dogs, rescue dogs, mixed breeds—all welcome, all of them adored pets.

My son and beasts, Jonathon, Fancy, Faolan:


What you cannot see behind them is my empty lunch plate. Empty because I set it down on my chair for three seconds. Faolan immediately grabbed the hotdog and Fancy licked up the hamburger.

A better picture of the lovely Fancy posing on the porch (where the food was, of course):


There was a costume contest.

Corgi Victorola


Ladybug Corgi:


Hippie Corgi  (and his people were all in tie-dye)


I didn’t get any photos of the Bobbing for Hotdogs game, but you can imagine what it was like to have a horde of Corgis sticking their heads in a big tub of water to get to the hotdog pieces—most Corgis are incredibly food motivated. Fancy and Faolan did not participate, they were still full from my lunch.

A great time was had by all.

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