Book Review: Legend of the Sorceror

I’m still working on clearing some older books from my shelves, gotta make space.

Legend of the Sorceror by Donna Kauffman  (2000; Bantam. Ebook 2011)

Jordy is a sculptor, in Florida to look for inspiration. Cai (Malacai) is the author of the Dark Pearls bestselling fantasy series. Of course there are mystery and danger and romance. I enjoyed this story, but maybe not as much as I wanted to. I loved the concept and the paranormal element; liked the suspense aspect; the heroine and the grandfather were great. But the hero (Cai) didn’t quite gel for me. I liked him, but found his behavior inconsistent. For example, he was mad that the authorities weren’t solving the crime, but he purposely withheld info from them. The State Department character didn’t fit in the story at all, no point to him. The sudden emotional separation between Jordy and Cai at the end made no sense—they’d been doing a good job of communicating up until then, and both realized (although they hadn’t said it to each other) that they were in love. So why all of a sudden have they shut each other out? Why didn’t Jordy just go talk to him, the way she had before? It was as if the author felt she had to introduce some final tension before ending the story, and so created a mini-“Big Misunderstanding”. The epilogue was nice, I generally like to see a snapshot of the characters in the future, but do we always have to drop in on babies? Overall, a good read and I recommend.


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