Compliments: Macaroni Grill

Most of us are always willing to complain when something bad happens, so I’m going to make an effort to publicly recognize good people and good actions.

I like Macaroni Grill — clean, pleasant, quick service, delicious food. But I don’t get there often — it’s half an hour away, and unfortunately is quite pricey. Would normally be way too much for lunch. However, the portions are very large, I can only eat half. So I can justify going occasionally because the cost will provide two meals.

I was in the area shopping today, so happily went to Macaroni Grill for mid-afternoon lunch. Oh, there was a Can-Am Spyder cycle in the parking lot, I stood and drooled and hankered. I’ve wanted one for ages, but know I will never be able to afford one. Then I went in, had a very good meal, and packed half in a to-go box. Then, thinking about that motorcycle, I walked out without the box! Drooled over the cycle some more, drove away — and realized several minutes later I’d forgotten the food. I turned around and drove back, and asked the staff. The table had already been cleared, the food thrown out. “Oh no, I only ate half of it!” The young man I spoke to said, “Well then, ma’am, we’ll make you a half serving to go.” I was stunned. So wonderful, such great customer service.


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