Mind your Manners

My rant of the day, nothing to do with books. This HuffPo article is something I’ve long wanted to say to most of the world. Be nice! Have good manners, in the old-fashioned way that shows consideration and respect for the people around you.

10 Polite Things People Just Don’t Seem To Do Anymore


Write thank you notes; greet a new neighbor; give up your seat on public transportation; RSVP….

Is this an age/generation thing? All of these are what I learned as a child, just the expected normal behavior of many generations. Where did it fall down? Did we fail to teach consideration of others to our children, or has the changing social world made them just not care? When my son was young, he was taught that if he didn’t write a thank you note for a gift, the gift would be taken away from him. (Nowadays, a thank-you email or phone call is acceptable.) Let that elderly lady have your chair–what if your nana is somewhere and is tired, and no one gives her a seat. If you’re not nice to people, they won’t be nice to you. What’s so hard about teaching that, and teaching it by example?

So can you take a few seconds today to pick up something a stranger dropped, open the door for someone, greet your neighbor? Most difficult of all, can you put down and ignore your cell phone when a real, live person is talking with you? I’m going to smile at the next ugly baby I see, and tell it’s mother what a cute kid she’s got.


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