Book Review: Finding Mr. Right

The main character in this book is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, my favorite breed! While it may not be the great American novel or even the best romance ever written, this book is so much fun because part of each chapter is told in the first person by the Corgi.

Finding Mr. Right by Emily Carmichael (1999)

Here’s an interesting twist to a romance — a person reincarnated as a dog, and given the job of matchmaker among humans. Lydia is recently deceased. Unfortunately, her death occurred while she was having a hot affair with David, husband of her best friend Amy Cameron. David, the straying husband, died too. Amy is a nice woman who has two champion Corgis and is active in Corgi Rescue (finding new homes for abandoned dogs). But the betrayal by her friend and her husband has soured her on men. So…the beings in charge of the Afterlife decide that Lydia, having caused Amy so much grief, must redeem herself by returning to earth and finding Amy a new husband. But they don’t make this easy for Lydia — the formerly gorgeous and sexy human is reincarnated as an overweight, scarred, flea-infested, stray Corgi. Lydia, who was not a dog lover, describes a Corgi as “a bossy little dog that looks like a stumpy-tailed fox on steroids, one that’s been cut off at the knees to boot.” She never did understand what her old friend Amy saw in these animals.

Now in her new doggy form, Lydia is rescued by Amy from the animal shelter (after the indignities of spaying and flea baths), named Miss Piggy, and taken to live with Amy’s other Corgis. Lydia/Piggy retains her human mind but has dog instincts and senses. She is full of schizophrenic comments on things like dog food, butt sniffing, having to use the yard as a bathroom, and what Scotsmen wear under their kilts (when you’re only eleven inches high you can find this out). Also, (being spayed now) Lydia/Piggy decides that when you have no interest in romance or sex, the male of the species can be a pain in the neck to have around. They’re only interested in one thing from females! Lydia/Piggy’s sections of the story provide a very funny Corgi-eye view with sarcastic human commentary. There’s a mystery involving some photos Amy took, and two guys are suddenly competing for Amy’s interest. Of course, by the end of the story, Amy finds true love and Lydia finds an unexpected redemption.


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