Yes, You Might Be a Regency Girl!

Ah yes, those standard situations or settings or types of characters. Some might label them clichés, but for most of us they provide a level of comfort and familiarity within a genre, especially historical romances. So…
How To Tell If You Are In a Regency Romance

My favorite:
7. A gentleman of your acquaintance once addressed you by your Christian name as he brushed his fingers against the lace filigree of your fichu. You still blush at the recollection.

And the romance novel cliché I find most implausible, regardless of time period:
18. Despite having less sexual experience than a house fern, you fall into throes of ecstasy at your first encounter with your lover’s erect member/manhood/scepter. He deflowers you with the utmost tenderness and it’s the best sex anyone has ever had and you do it for hours and hours.

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