Dear Neighbors

Dear Black Neighbors, Your lives matter.

Dear Muslim Neighbors, Your beliefs will be respected.

Dear Latino Neighbors, You will not find walls here.

Dear Female Neighbors, Men will respect you. We will demand it.

Dear LGBTQQIA Neighbors, You will find support here.

Dear Jewish Neighbors, Your heritage is important here.

Dear International Neighbors, You are welcome here.

Dear Neighbors, We thrive together and learn from one another.


Adapted from the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health, student support initiative.


AKC CGC Pledge

AKC CGC Responsible Dog Owner’s Pledge

I will be responsible for my dog’s health needs. These include:
~   routine veterinary care including check-ups and vaccines
~  adequate nutrition through proper diet; clean water at all times
~  daily exercise and regular bathing and grooming
I will be responsible for my dog’s safety.
I will properly control my dog by providing fencing where appropriate, not letting my dog run loose, and using a leash in public.
I will ensure that my dog has some form of identification.
I will provide adequate supervision when my dog and children are together.
I will not allow my dog to infringe on the rights of others.
I will not allow my dog to run loose in the neighborhood.
I will not allow my dog to be a nuisance to others by barking while in the yard, in a hotel room, etc.
I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in all public areas such as on the grounds of hotels, on sidewalks, parks, etc. I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in wilderness areas, on hiking trails, campgrounds and in off-leash parks.
I will be responsible for my dog’s quality of life.
I understand that basic training is beneficial to all dogs.
I will give my dog attention and playtime.
I understand that owning a dog is a commitment in time and caring.

AKC Pet Promise



As a dog owner, I promise:

  • I will never overlook my responsibilities for this living being and recognize that my dog’s welfare is totally dependent on me.
  • I will always provide fresh water and quality food for my dog.
  • I will socialize my dog via exposure to new people, places and other dogs.
  • I will take pride in my dog’s appearance with regular grooming.
  • I will recognize the necessity of basic training by teaching my dog to reliably sit, stay and come when called.
  • I will take my dog to the vet regularly and keep all vaccinations current.
  • I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste.
  • I will make sure my dog is regarded as an AKC Canine Good Citizen© by being aware of my responsibilities to my neighbors and to the community.
  • I will ensure that the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation appropriate for my dog’s age, breed and energy level is provided.
  • I will ensure that my dog has some form of identification (which may include collar tags, tattoo or microchip ID).
  • I will adhere to local leash laws.

Dictionary’s New Words


The Oxford Dictionary added about 1100 “new” words to the latest edition; that dictionary overall includes more than 829,000 words. “New” doesn’t mean the word just came into existence or use. It means newly accepted by the OED.

The update includes mansplaining, snowflake (not the ice flake; used as a derogatory term for a person who feels entitled to special treatment), hangry, helicopter parenting, and me time.

See the full article at:

True Titles

50 Hilariously Honest New Titles For Your Favourite Books

“Have you ever picked up a book after reading the title and thought that sounds interesting, only to read the story and think that title really doesn’t do the book justice? We decided to take a brutally honest look at the most popular books, and as a result we’ve changed their original titles to reflect what the essence of the story is about.

We have created 50 hilariously honest alternate titles for some of your favourite books.”

So go to the site and see if you can guess the actual titles. (Oh, yeah, and be sure to look at the penguin image on each cover.)

My favorites:

The Judge Did It  (And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie)

Clowns Are Scary  (It – Stephen King)

Creepy Person Bites People, Makes More Creepy People  (Dracula – Bram Stoker)

All The Best Characters Die  (Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin)

Alice Experiments With Drugs  (Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Caroll)

Sugar Induced Hallucination  (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl)

What Happens When You Leave the Planning to Dwarves  (The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien)

2017  (1984 – George Orwell)

Pretend You Have Read This Book to Impress Your Friends  (War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy)